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5 Injuries or Illnesses That Require Urgent Care

No parent wants to see their child suffering from any injury or sickness. Whether it’s a sprain after a football game, a fever that keeps spiking, or a sudden onset of rashes, parents are quick to bring their kids to the ER so they can receive immediate treatment and be relieved as soon as possible.

However, accidents can happen anytime. Your pediatrician’s clinic isn’t always open, and it can be hard to get a quick appointment, too.

In these unexpected circumstances, your best option is to go to your nearest walk-in pediatric clinic. These clinics and centers fill the gap between emergency rooms and primary care providers, ensuring you receive the immediate medical attention you need at any time of the day, even if you don’t have an appointment.

Skip wait times at the pediatrician or the emergency room and proceed to urgent care clinics to get speedy treatment for the following injuries or injuries.

1. Head injuries

Children are prone to head injuries as they like to play and move around. Small head bumps happen all the time and there’s usually no need to worry too much, but it’s always to have the injury checked out at an urgent care clinic just in case. That way, pediatric specialists can ensure your child makes a full recovery as quickly as possible.

If your child experiences other signs such as vomiting or loss of consciousness, the attending physician can easily connect you to your pediatrician or other specialists to get the necessary treatment.

2. Breathing difficulties

Breathing difficulties can be brought about by several conditions such as an allergic reaction, a virus, or an upper respiratory condition. If your child is having trouble breathing, take him/her to an urgent care clinic right away. The pediatric specialist will be able to get to the root of your child’s breathing problems and apply the appropriate treatment.

3. Bad cuts

After cleaning the wound with water, soap, and antibiotic ointment, bring your child to an urgent care clinic especially if you think he/she would need stitches. Compared to emergency rooms, walk-in urgent care clinics are often the smarter option because your kid can be seen and treated right away.

4. Twisted ankles

Children usually get minor sprains when playing. If your child twisted his/her ankle, apply ice to the area immediately for fifteen minutes every hour and give him/her ibuprofen to reduce the pain and swelling.

If your child cannot stand up and bear weight on the injured ankle, go to an urgent care center to have your child’s foot examined. Afterward, the physician will let you know the best treatment and determine whether the injured foot needs a setting or cast.

5. Persistent pain

If your child has been complaining of persistent pain from previous bumps and cuts, there’s a chance that your over-the-counter medications are not enough and it’s time to seek urgent medical care from a walk-in clinic.


As a parent, it can overwhelm you every time your kids get sick. They’re also naturally energetic and playful, so scrapes and tumbles are uncommon. While you can’t always prevent illnesses or injuries from happening, what you can do is ensure you’re prepared for emergencies and know where to take your child for immediate medical attention.

At Brantford Children’s Clinic, we offer only the best urgent care for children. We accept both appointments and walk-in patients to serve you better. Contact us now!

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