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What to Know Before Going to an Urgent Care Facility

urgent care facility
urgent care facility

An urgent care facility takes healthcare to the next level because it allows individuals to seek immediate medical attention when their doctor’s clinic is closed. It also offers a great alternative for patients who are facing non-life-threatening situations but require immediate care nonetheless.

With so many urgent care facilities out there, you want to be certain to find the right one for your needs. This will also lead to added benefits, such as experiencing less waiting time and receiving the appropriate care. To help you get the very best care when you need it, here are a few things that you should know:

Call Ahead of Time

Urgent care facilities are walk-in centers, and you won’t normally need to set up an appointment to see a healthcare provider. However, due to the lack of appointments, the waiting time at the facility could take a while.

If you don’t want to wait in a healthcare facility, you can call ahead of time. Some urgent care facilities allow appointments, so you can ask for a specific time slot to shorten the wait. Even if the facility doesn’t allow appointments, you can always check-in online so that the facility can prepare for your arrival, potentially getting you the care you need more quickly.

Find the Right Urgent Care Center

Due to the convenience that urgent care facilities bring, you can now find a lot of them these days. If you want to get the most out of urgent care, don’t wait until you’re sick to start looking. You can start searching today for future reference. By doing so, you will know which facilities accept your health insurance provider and which treatments they provide.

Keep in mind that there are facilities that specialize in pediatric care, so if you have children, it’s best to scout for the best urgent care pediatrics just in case.

Bring the Right Things

An urgent care facility does not maintain an extensive record of medical histories, so if you have your records with you, make sure to bring them with you so you will be properly assessed. Most of the time, a patient forgets important details when seated at a doctor’s office. To save yourself the trouble and receive better care, bring your medical records with you along with other documents that can help the doctor assess your condition.

Another thing is to bring your most recent health insurance information. If you are taking certain medications, it is also advisable to bring them as well.

Go at the Best Time

You can visit an urgent care facility at any time during the clinic’s regular operating hours. However, there will be times that will be busier, and you don’t want to go during peak times unless necessary. If you need urgent care, but you can wait a bit longer, you can call the facility and ask the estimated wait time before you leave the house.

Keep In Mind That You Will Not Always Be Seen By A Doctor

Urgent care centers have doctors on staff, but they also have physician assistants and nurse practitioners who can diagnose and prescribe treatment for various health conditions. Don’t be surprised if a physician’s assistant or a nurse attends to your needs. Rest assured that they know what to do.

Don’t Go For Life-Threatening Emergencies

If you’re facing a life-threatening emergency, the emergency room is the place that you should go to. Urgent care facilities are only suitable for minor health issues such as urinary tract infections, strep throat, colds, burns, bug stings, and allergic reactions.

Some urgent care facilities can treat small lacerations and fractures, but as we said earlier, it’s good to know this information beforehand by inquiring ahead of time so you can act quickly when an emergency arises.


Finding the right urgent care facility and knowing what to expect is essential to get the best healthcare possible. These tips will help you come prepared and have a pleasant experience, so keep them in mind so that your next visit is a smooth one.

Looking for urgent care pediatrics in Brantford, ON? Brantford Children’s Clinic is a reliable urgent care facility for children. We accept appointments, so contact us today if you’d like to book one!

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